Pre-Workout Supplements

Pre-workouts are designed to fuel your workouts by providing an energy boost and helping maintain focus. Benefits of a pre-workout range from increased alertness, strength, stamina, energy, blood flow and muscle bursting pumps. Supercharge your workout potential with NRGFuel’s pre-workout range.

  1. NO2 Max Strength

    NO2 Max Strength

    RRP £59.99

    Special Price £29.99

    NO2 Max Strength Pre-Workout – Another product from NRGFUEL has exploded onto the market. The NRGFUEL NO2 has been given a monster makeover and we’re now proud to unveil the awesome, mind blowing, blood pumping, muscle bursting fuel that is the NO2 MAX! It packs more caffeine, 4 times the amount of folic acid and double the amount of the 3 main ingredients for blood gauging workouts!

    Lactose Free

    Gluten Free

    Suitable For Vegetarians

    Suitable For Vegans 

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    Available in: Fruit Punch, Lemonade, Orange

  2. NRGFUEL Buzzin Shake 'N' Take is an on-the-go fat free pre-workout supplement that will take your workout to new heights.

    Buzzin Shake 'N' Take x 32


    RRP £46.99

    Special Price £43.99

    Bottled and ready to drink, NRGFUEL's Buzzin Shake 'N' Take is a fat free pre-workout energizer high in caffeine that maximises alertness, strength, stamina and energy. Each 50g serving is packed with a massive 200mg of Caffeine, 2000mg of Taurine, 500mg of tyrosine and 700mg are Arginine. Together with added Creatine NRGFUEL Buzzin will take your training to new heights fueling your workouts and recovery.

    Lactose Free

    Gluten Free

    Suitable for Vegetarians

    Suitable for Vegans

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