Meal Replacement Shakes

NRGFUEL Meal replacement shakes are designed to give you the edge of taking your daily nutrition. Meal replacement helps you to gain high protein while having a low calorie diet. Our meal replacement products are great tasting, low in fat and contains essential nutrients that can help you speed up your metabolism and aid you reduce excess body fat and therefore can help to maintain or develop lean muscle tissues. So if you want to control your hunger pangs while you're burning fat, NRGFUEL weight loss shakes can help.


  1. Super Girl Power

    Super Girl Power


    NRGFUEL Super Girl Power is a great tasting, low fat, meal replacement shake, containing essential nutrients and only 185 calories.

    Super Girl Power has a clinically proven ingredient 'Satiereal' which is proven to decrease compulsive snacking, sugar craving and hunger pangs between meals. Additionally it promotes WEIGHT LOSS and a POSITIVE MOOD.

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    Available in: Chocolate