Fat Burning Supplements

With the help of NRGFUEL fat burning supplements, you can lose more weight during physical activities. Fat burners are blends of herbs and a stimulant which increases your body temperature and therefore can help you burn more calories. Some others can help to release adrenaline and increase your metabolic rate. Wherever you are finding difficult to lose weight, trying to gain a lean physique or maintaining your physique fat burners can maximise weight lost results.


  1. NRGFUEL Thermofuel is the most potent, mind blowing weight loss product on the market.


    RRP £39.99

    Special Price £22.99

    NRGFUEL THERMOFUEL is an advanced weight management formula that when combined with a calorie controlled diet and exercise programme can help contribute to your training and dietary goals.

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  2. Light


    RRP £29.99

    Special Price £19.99

    NRGFUEL Light is a highly effective herbal fat reducing formula designed to promote weight loss with maximum results. We have carefully selected and combined the best ingredients in NRGFuel Light to help speed up your metabolism to encourage optimum weight loss when used in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise programme. Learn more....
  3. Get Ripped

    Get Ripped

    RRP £29.99

    Special Price £19.99

    Get Ripped is the dynamic new formula designed to promote excess fat loss and produce maximum definition. We have combined many of the best natural ingredients to help speed up your metabolism to encourage fast weight loss. Learn more....