ByTracey Connolly-Dougan

Last year NABBA decided to introduce a new female category called Miss Athletic
for competitors like myself who had out grown the toned category yet weren't
quite ready for the trained category. Since I had won quite a few titles in Miss
Toned and competed in it for 4 years, I 100% knew it was time to move up a level
and I won it! I became the first competitor to have ever won the brand new title
of Miss Athletic Great Britain! What a feeling, 9 months later i am still buzzing and
now the time has rolled round for me to fight to retain my title.

I am starting prep 15 weeks out, it should have been 16 but I got struck down with 
awful flu. Considering I keep my body fat fairly low all year round, 16 weeks is not
really necessary for me to get 'cut' but when I am in prep mode I am so much more
consistent with everything and train harder, I always gain maximum muscle in this
phase so I like to start early.

So I'm 5 days into week one. And so far I'm happy! Its always easy at the start, good
calories are flowing, no hunger as I get used to actually eating more food and more
regular meals again, extra cardio starts off slow & steady and training is so intense
as you feel mega focused and even excited. hell I even enjoy food prep at the
beginning!! These feelings wont last, I know for a fact I will experience every
emotion possible on this little journey of mine to the British Finals in June and im
going to share it all with you. . . .x