Here's an update. . . .

By Tracey Connolly-Dougan

Well so far on my road to be British Athletic Champion again I've endured about
5 weeks of dieting and have about 5 to go! I always find the last 4 weeks I where
the magic starts to happen. Big changes occur, I get drier and harder and my focus
turns up by the day.

I've had my ups and downs. My moments of weakness. My usual week of negativity
where I seem to till myself I can't do this, im not good enough, I wont make it. This
came after a weekend of indulgence at my sisters wedding! But sure enough 3 days
later she the water retention has gone and I've trained like a demon my heads back
to game on

Im tend not to go by the scales too much in my prep because they don't seem to shift
to much in me. If I get too obsessed with them it affects my attitude in prep too much.

So at this half way point I'd say im feeling happy that everything is as it should be.
But I am never an athlete to settle at that. I never look in the mirror and feel at peace
with myself. Im a perfectionist, hence why I've done well in the sport of bodybuilding.
I always want more and will put the graft in until I get there.

My NRGfuel 100% whey is starting to come into play with my ridiculous sugar cravings!
Adding it to my low cal jelly or a  tiny bit of 0% yoghurt helps me loads at night. I tend
to stay away from fake products like Walden's farms as I really don't trust what the
label says plus they taste like a chemical s@#t storm!! Yuk.

Come say hi at Bodypower on Sunday!

Tracey x