by Jason Goodale
Team Lean Athlete
Personal Trainer

Hi everyone this Article is about one the most talked about supplements on the market.

TTP Anabolic by NRGFUEL Sports Nutrition is a complete all-in-one protein supplement which is a staple
part of my diet. What I like about this product is its ability to be used both pre and post workout. It contains
50g of quality protein, essential for muscle growth and repair, plus 60g of carbohydrates to help fuel your
workout and replenish glycogen stores to aid recovery. During my competition prep this product is of great
importance post workout as it allows me to utilise the carbohydrates to fit in with my nutritional strategies.

If it's lean muscle, size, strength or recovery then this is the product. I personally found I was always increasing
my strength in the gym due to its Creatine matrix, and BCAA's.

Another added benefit is that it contains Zinc which is a great natural testosterone booster that will aid in
recovery by promoting sleep and ensuring you're having the best quality sleep for maximum gains.

I have loved this product since I first used it 3 years ago and it has been the best product by far I have ever
come across and would recommend to any person looking at really changing their body composition. Not
only does this product mix well it also tastes great with my personal favourites being Vanilla and Banana.